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Hebridean Princess is a beautiful cruise ship run by Hebridean Island Cruises. Originally named the MacBrayne ferry and operating out of Oban in Scotland. George Prior Engineering carried out a major refurbishment program in Great Yarmouth, England (1989) fitting her out as a luxury cruiser, and she was renamed the MV Hebridean Princess.

As a ferry she had facilities for car-carrying which she retained for two years after her refit, whereafter the space was converted into additional cabins, which enabled the MV Hebridean Princess to boast a crew of 37 staff to serve 49 passengers in 1997.

In the summer of 2006, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II chartered Hebridean Princess from Hebridean Island Cruises for her 80th birthday, taking a tour of the Scottish Islands. It has been reported that her family's week-long occupancy of the ship came at a whopping price of £125,000

From 1989 the MV Hebridean Princess has provided luxury cruises around the Western Isles of Scotland, and in recent years cruise destinations have been extended to take in Ireland, the Orkneys, the Shetland islands, and the Fjords of Norway.

In 2009, All Leisure Group (which also operates the Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery cruise lines) purchased Hebridean and changed its name (prior to this, the company was know as Hebridean International Cruises - 'international' because it also ran the Hebridean Spirit in the Mediterranean). Nonetheless, the MV Hebridean Princess will continue as it has done, offering distinctive luxury cruises around the islands of Scotland the fjords of Norway.

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